Samsung's next foldable phone could have a glass display

The company has already trademarked 'Samsung Ultra Thin Glass.'

Samsung teased a new foldable phone concept back in October, and leaked images from earlier this month suggest the next Galaxy Fold may well come with the unique clamshell form the company had hinted at. Now, if new rumors are true, it's pushing the envelope even further and will be making the display -- the foldable display -- out of glass.

According to phone leaker Ice Universe, Samsung has created an ultra-thin glass cover for its next folding phone, pointing to a flatter screen and fewer wrinkles as proof. It's certainly a wild idea, but not impossible, since Samsung has applied for a number of trademarks around what it calls "Samsung Ultra Thin Glass."

Additionally, Ice Universe has previous form in correctly revealing this kind of stuff -- it got Huawei's circular camera cutout right, as well as the Pixel 4's hand gesture control. Nonetheless, the picture above can't really be considered "proof" of anything -- it might not even be a Samsung device. Still, the company has made some bold claims about its aspirations for foldable tech, so if a glass display isn't on the agenda yet it could well be one day.