Samsung teases a clamshell foldable phone concept

You might get to slam your phone shut at the end of a call.

Samsung's foldable display tech won't just be limited to book-like phones akin to the Galaxy Fold. The company used its annual Developer Conference to preview a vertically folding, clamshell-style form factor. The company only said it was "exploring" the concept as part of its overall work on foldable devices, but it clearly put some thought into the technology. A short demo showed a user recording video in full screen at one moment, and creating a split view with more extensive controls when folding the phone 90 degrees. This might be ideal for recording your hands-free TikTok clips -- you'd have a built-in stand.

Although Samsung didn't want to commit to a production version, there's certainly precedent for clamshell devices. The tech firm has been making China-focused flip phones for years, and this would just be a logical extension of that work. Whether or not it makes a clamshell foldable more widely available is another story. There's certainly some interest in the category when Motorola has teased he prospect of a RAZR revival, but there's no guarantee that Samsung will be so enthusiastic that it releases a clamshell worldwide. There are only so many people who want to slap their phone shut when they finish a call, you know.