Juul to end fruit-flavored vape pod sales in Canada

Its mint vapes will stay, though.

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Mariella Moon
January 15th, 2020
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It's not just Americans who won't have access to Juul's fruity pods anymore. The company will also temporarily stop selling its mango-, vanilla-, fruit- and cucumber-flavored vaping products in Canada, according to CNBC, CBC and other sources. Michael Nederhoff, Canadian Juul Labs' general manager, has reportedly sent a letter to retailers and distributors, telling them that the company will no longer resupply them with those flavors after their stocks run out.

CBC says Nederhoff told retailers in the letter that the company won't be pulling their current stocks. Also, he wrote that Juul might still bring back those flavors "under the guidance and regulation of Health Canada," though it's stopping their production for now. Once the flavored options run out, only the tobacco and mint options will be available for purchase.

Juul stopped selling its fruity products in the US back in October 2019. In November, it stopped selling its mint-flavored vapes, as well. While those flavors may eventually be back in Canada -- mint, as mentioned earlier, will still be available in the country -- the same can't be said for the US market. The FDA officially banned their production and sale earlier this month in an effort to curb teen vaping.

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