Nestlé adds sausages to its range of plant-based meats

It's also gearing up to launch a range of plant-based deli meats.

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Nestlé has revealed that it's adding another plant-based meat product to its selection after the "huge success" of its alternative burgers and grounds. It's launching plant-based sausages in the US and in Europe, and they're supposed to "taste and cook like a sausage should." The version coming out in the US is a pea protein-based sausage under Nestlé's Sweet Earth brand, which was also behind the veggie mix Awesome Burger. It will come in three variants -- Habanero Cheddar, Asian Ginger Scallion and Chik'n Apple -- and will be available for purchase in April.

Meanwhile, Europeans are getting a soy-based sausage in Bratwurst and Chorizo variants. While soy is its main ingredient, it also uses beetroot, carrots, peppers and rapeseed and coconut oils. It will be released as part of the "Incredible" meat alternative lineup under the company's Garden Gourmet brand and will be available for purchase in 11 European markets, including Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, starting in April.

Wayne England, head of Nestlé's food business, said:

"After the huge success of our plant-based burgers and grounds, we're now adding another favorite. These plant-based sausages really deliver on flavor and texture. Their juiciness and firm bite means you can cook and enjoy them any way you like, including grilling, roasting or pan-frying."

Nestlé says it will also release restaurant/food service versions of both sausages after their retail launch, so they may eventually be offered as a menu item. Those who aren't exactly fond of sausages may prefer a new range of products Nestlé plans to launch in the future, though: plant-based deli meats, which will be sold in stores and from deli counters.

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