Nestle claims its plant-based Awesome Burger is healthier than rivals

You might go out of your way to have it.

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Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are about to have some major competition. Nestle's Sweet Earth is prepping the Awesome Burger, another take on plant-based hamburgers. The veggie mix (which includes yellow peas and wheat) should have largely realistic juiciness and taste, but promises to be healthier in some respects than its rivals. It'll have six grams of fiber versus the three you typically find in Beyond and Impossible patties, for example. You can also expect more more protein than a meat burger (28g versus a typical 20g), no saturated fat and lots of iron and Vitamin C.

You should see the Awesome Burger reach cafeterias, grocery stores and restaurants later in 2019.

This could pose a serious competitive threat to incumbents. While Beyond, Impossible and others have head starts on widespread availability of plant-based burgers, Nestle is far larger. It can achieve a kind of ubiquity that would be difficult for virtually anyone else. Not that this would necessarily be a problem for customers. If all goes well, the Awesome Burger could both prompt more aggressive development of meat substitutes and make them far more accessible -- and that could help anyone who wants to transition away from a meat-based diet.