Microsoft’s well-designed 2-in-1 Surface Pro X is up to $200 off

It now starts at just $899.

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Microsoft's Surface Pro X is just a few months old, and it's already on sale. When it arrived in November, we scored it relatively high (73). We were pleased with its elegant, modern design and called it the best Snapdragon-powered PC around. One of the drawbacks was the high price, but now, Microsoft is discounting the Pro X by up to $200, so that's less of a factor.

The Pro X provides a great 2-in-1 experience and offers a speedy gigabit LTE connection. There are a few notable caveats: the software is buggy and there's limited app compatibility. As we noted, if you must use Microsoft's software, the Surface Pro X will get the job done, but many people would be better off with a Chromebook or the Surface Pro 7.

That said, this is a solid deal. The 256 GB models are each $200 off. If you opt for the 128 GB model, you'll still receive a $100 discount. That makes the low end model just $899, and at the upper end, you can get 512 GB of storage with 16 GB of RAM for $1,599. You might choose to put that savings towards the Slim Pen ($145) or keyboard case (an extra $140) that Microsoft made for the Pro X.

The sale is direct from Microsoft and includes free shipping, but if you prefer to shop through Amazon, you'll find the discounts there as well.

Buy Surface Pro X on Microsoft Store - from $899

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