The Surface Pro X's Slim Pen charges in your keyboard case

It's out of the way until you need it.

Microsoft's extra-slim Surface Pro X doesn't really have a place for a pen on its side, so how do you keep it with you? By tucking it into your keyboard case. The company has unveiled a Slim Pen that tucks into a space on the Type Cover for both storage and charging -- it's in a secure yet unintrusive place until you need it. And it's a fully functional pen, too, with angle recognition (you can shade an image by laying the pen almost flat) and an eraser.

There's no mention that the Slim Pen will be available separately, although the Surface Pro X will be available on November 5th for $999. It's not the only product that will support the new stylus, at least. Next year's dual-screen Surface Neo will also include the pen, placing a magnetic area on the back to hold the peripheral when you aren't using it.

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