Get two Google Nest Hubs for the price of one

Best Buy's deal may be great if you're looking for a simple smart display.

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Nicole Lee/Engadget
Nicole Lee/Engadget

If you've wanted to outfit your home with smart displays, Best Buy just made it relatively trivial. The big-box retailer is running a promotion that offers two Google Nest Hubs for $100 -- that's less than the $129 it would normally cost to buy just one. A previous deal like this lasted only one day in December, so you'll want to act quickly if you like the thought of Google Assistant screens serving as alarm clocks or kitchen helpers.

The Nest Hub is one of Google's more polished devices. We like its beautiful (if small) screen and simple design, and the only major knock against it is the merely adequate sound quality. This is for displaying the weather and watching the occasional YouTube clip than blasting music. Whether or not the absence of a camera is good or bad depends on your perspective. It rules out hand gestures, personalized reminders and video chats like you'll find on the Nest Hub Max, but it's also a reassurance if you're worried that hackers could hijack the camera for nefarious ends. And at this price, the absence of a camera is easier to take no matter how you feel.

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