Elon Musk drops a surprise EDM track on SoundCloud

Now he has something to promote after those viral tweets.

We've already shown that talented artists like Billie Ellish can create Grammy-caliber music with just a little technology. But what about someone with a lot of technology and just a little talent? The answer to that is a SoundCloud EDM song called Don't Doubt ur Vibe by none other than... Elon Musk.

Musk is clearly in a good mood with Tesla stock way up, the Model Y SUV coming earlier than expected, and SpaceX on track to possibly launch astronauts soon. He teased the song on Twitter before releasing it, calling himself 'E "D" M' and showing off the fancy-looking studio (complete with N64 controllers) where he recorded it. He also tweeted that he wrote the song and performed the lyrics himself.

A consensus among Engadget editors is that it's "totally inoffensive and "far from the worst thing he's ever tweeted." But everyone's a critic, so listen to it and decide for yourself -- assuming he's not trolling us in the first place.

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