RED's Hydrogen One phone makes a cameo in the 'F9' trailer

The odd device is more popular in Hollywood than in real life.

Now that the nearly four-minute-long F9: The Fast Saga trailer is here, fans of the long-running series can enjoy some surprise resurrections (spoiler alert: watch the trailer before scrolling to the end of this post), but the strangest appearance belongs to a smartphone. For reasons that may (or may not) be explained when the movie hits theaters May 22nd, multiple characters are driving around with the RED's Hydrogen One phone strapped to the dashboards of their cars.


It's not shocking that people in the movie business would have an affinity for the high-priced but ultimately disappointing project, since they're likely to work with the company's cameras. Still, this isn't the only recent appearance of the Hydrogen One, more than a year after it debuted and months after RED announced it would abandon the phone business.

Marvel's Runaways wrapped up its run at the end of 2019, and while that show has also come to an end -- now that the Fox/Disney/MCU merger has completed -- it also featured the Hydrogen One. In that show they called it the Corvus Phone by Wizard that would help people "find their flock" (shocker: it's evil), but as PC Mag points out, there's no mistaking which device it is. I guess in a fantasy universe the Hydrogen One works as a strange-but-recognizable device that most people don't know exists, and there are probably more than a few unused handsets laying around.