Recommended Reading: The lasting effect of the Iowa Caucuses

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Billy Steele
B. Steele|02.08.20

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Iowa might have screwed up the whole nomination process
Nate Silver,

By now you probably know the story. The Iowa Democratic Party decided to use an app to report results from its caucuses this week. These events were the first primary-type votes cast in the 2020 Democratic presidential race, and would've set the tone for New Hampshire and the states to follow. Except the app failed, phone lines were jammed and it took the better part of the week for the full numbers to come out. So just how badly didn't Iowa screw up the whole process? FiveThrityEight's Nate Silver explains the candidate(s) who "won" didn't get the massive bump they would have and the field is still way too crowded.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has redefined movie stardom
Jesse Hassenger,

The MCU is a massive movie- and money-making machine. But it's also a huge star-making mechanism. Polygon discusses Marvel's lasting impact on its biggest names.

Daniel Ek talks paid-for promotion, podcasts and Spotify's mission to become 'the world's no.1 audio platform'
Tim Ingham,
Music Business Worldwide

Spotify made yet another massive podcast purchase this week as the streaming service announced plans to buy The Ringer. MBW caught up with CEO Daniel Ek to chat about his long-term plans.

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