Cadillac will unveil its first all-electric vehicle in April

The brand's president has revealed at an event with dealers.

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We'll soon finally see the midsize electric crossover Cadillac previewed way back in January 2019. Cadillac president Steve Carlisle has revealed that the company will unveil the crossover, its first all-electric vehicle, in April at the National Auto Dealer Association. The model will debut the brand's BEV3 platform, which will serve as the basis for all its future EVs.

When the model was first announced, Carlisle said the platform will have a architectural design that "will allow the battery packs to fit into the vehicle like ice cubes in an ice cube tray," and "you can put in as much water as you want to make as many cubes as you need -- the tray still takes up the same space in the freezer." In other words, it can be used as basis for various types of vehicles without sacrificing range.

The upcoming crossover will be but the first of many electric vehicles from Cadillac if its plans come to fruition. In late 2019, the company made a pledge that by 2030, majority of all Cadillacs will be electric vehicles. While we now have a date range for the electric crossover's unveiling, it's not entirely clear if it will have its own event or if it will be launched at the New York Auto Show that will also (as Autoblog notes) take place in early April.