Samsung says the Galaxy Z Flip will be back in stock on Friday

At the same time pre-orders open for the Galaxy S20 line.

Last week Samsung announced and almost immediately released its foldable Galaxy Z Flip, but only in "limited" quantities that dried up almost as soon as they appeared, unless you spot one in a store somewhere. Now Samsung says that tomorrow, on February 21st it will make more of the $1,380 devices available online, coincidentally around the same time pre-orders will begin for its flagship lineup of phones that includes higher specs and 5G across the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra.

After a week of availability, if you were hoping to get a Galaxy Z Flip there may be reasons you're still optimistic about its potential or even more wary of its risks. But, if what you really need is a self-standing selfie machine with questionable levels of dust resistance and plastic-covered glass screen, keep an eye on as well as carrier stores and websites to find the Z Flip on sale Friday.