'Crossy Road' follow-up comes to Apple Arcade with a focus on co-op play

'Crossy Road Castle' ditches the road and crossing angle.

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Hipster Whale
Hipster Whale

It's been a few years since Crossy Road updated the Frogger formula to create a popular mobile game, and now developer Hipster Whale has returned with Crossy Road Castle. The Apple Arcade-exclusive title is available across iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS devices and invites players into its obstacle course as they try to climb a spinning tower.

Crossy Road Castle

The multiplayer is built for use on a single device (and with gamepads, if you have them) or across multiple devices, with tons of collectibles and procedurally generated levels that promise a different run every time. Snagging the spinoff to an already-popular game is one way to make sure people are still paying attention to Apple Arcade's subscription package, although it's disappointing for anyone who'd like to play on non-Apple platforms. As it is, you'll have to try it to find out if the game holds up to its predecessor and can make our list of the best Arcade titles.

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