The latest iPad mini returns to its lowest price ever at $350

This price usually doesn’t stick around long.

Amazon and Best Buy are offering a significant discount on the iPad mini 5 today. Both are selling the tablet for $350 for the 64GB WiFi model. While we've seen this price before (Amazon had it at $350 for a week or so last month), it's the lowest Amazon has ever listed the tablet, and it usually doesn't last long. Typically, the price tends to hover between $385 and $400.

When we first reviewed the iPad mini 5, we gave it high praise (85), calling it the best small tablet on the market. It offers plenty of power, solid battery life and an improved display, plus support for Apple Pencil. There are a few drawbacks, like its dated design and unexciting cameras. Plus, now that smartphones are so powerful, a small tablet may not be as appealing as it was when the iPad mini was introduced in 2012.

If you'd like a small tablet but are in the market for something a little more robust, the 256GB WiFi model is on sale for $50 off ($500 instead of $550). The 64GB and 256GB cellular models are also both $50 less than their original prices.

On Amazon, you'll only see the deal price at checkout after you select "free no rush shipping." This also means that you'll have to wait more than two days to receive the tablet. If you'd rather shop through Best Buy, you'll have to be logged in as a My Best Buy member (sign up is free) in order to see the discounted price.

Buy iPad mini 5 (64GB, Wi-Fi) on Amazon - $350

Buy iPad mini 5 (64GB, Wi-Fi) on Best Buy - $350

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