Elizabeth Warren campaign open sources its organizing tools

The technology could be put to work helping other candidates.

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Elizabeth Warren for President
Elizabeth Warren for President

The impact of Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign might be felt well after it ended. The Warren for President team is open-sourcing some of its key get-out-the-vote projects to help other politicians and cause supporters with their own efforts. These include the peer-to-peer texting platform Spoke, the polling location search tool Pollaris, a Caucus App used in Iowa (above) and the data handling app Redhook, among other tools.

The campaign will have "more to say" in the weeks ahead about what it did with technology.

It isn't unheard of for American candidates to rely on software for election runs, but developing open source tools is relatively rare. It may become more common, mind you. The Warren team noted that Spoke alone saved the campaign over $580,000 in texting costs. Free, easily modified tools like this could sustain political hopefuls who otherwise couldn't afford to either buy pre-made software or write their own from scratch.

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