'The Outer Worlds' will land on Nintendo Switch on June 5th

The port had been delayed for coronavirus-related reasons.

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Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division
Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division

Almost two months after it was delayed, The Outer Worlds has a new Switch release date. It'll arrive on Nintendo's console on June 5th. It was originally scheduled to arrive on Nintendo's console earlier this month, but it was put on hold after the coronavirus outbreak affected Virtuous, the developer which was handling the port.

Both the digital and physical versions will cost $60. The physical copy was originally supposed to include a download code instead of a physical cartridge. The delay enabled Virtuous and publisher Private Division to put the latter in the box. However, opting for the physical version means that you'll have to account for a day-one patch that'll require up to 6 GB of storage. The patch will include gameplay optimization, high-resolution textures and other fixes, according to original developer Obsidian.

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