Peloton's workout app is now available on Android TV

Turn your living room into a workout studio.

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Peloton might be best known for its connected exercise equipment (and that questionable TV ad), but it also produces a range of instructor-led workouts that can be done at home with no equipment at all. And from today, you'll be able to access them directly through Android TV -- perfect timing considering none of us can get out to the gym right now.

Peloton's ecosystem exists within its dedicated app, which can now be downloaded directly to Android TV-enabled devices through the Play Store, rounding out the app's availability on other devices such as the Fire TV and Chromecast. You'll be able to turn your living room into a workout studio for strength training, yoga, stretching and cardio bootcamps, as well as take advantage of its cycling and running content on a bigger screen. And if you're not sure if the Peloton App is right for you, it's currently available for an extended 90-day free trial until April 30th.

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