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Amazon updates Echo Buds to fix overheating issue

The company says cases were "very rare."

Amazon Echo Buds
Billy Steele/Engadget
Billy Steele
Billy Steele|July 15, 2020 2:42 PM

Amazon is asking Echo Buds owners to update the firmware on their true wireless device ASAP. First reported by Android Central, the company emailed users today (July 15th) to alert them of a potential safety issue with the buds. Amazon says it “determined in very rare cases it is possible for the Echo Buds to overheat while in the charging case.” The company says it has already released a software update that fixes the problem, eliminates any risk and improves the long-term battery performance of the Echo Buds.

If you own a pair of these, you can check on the update through the Alexa app. Simply navigate to Devices > Echo & Alexa > Echo Buds > About. The software number should be 318119151 or higher. If you’ve recently paired the earbuds to your phone, you may already have it since Amazon updates them automatically. If you’re not seeing the correct number(s), open the lid of the Echo Buds case to make sure they’re connected to your device and the Alexa app. You’ll also need to check that you have at least 30 percent battery remaining. Close the case with the earbuds inside and keep them near your phone for at least 30 minutes. When the time is up, check for the above number (or higher) in the Echo Buds settings.

Amazon says it became aware of the overheating problem via customer report, according to The Verge. The company explains that there have been “a limited number of cases so far” with no injuries reported. It didn’t provide any further details on the signs of overheating, but it’s a safe bet to update your Echo Buds before you have a chance to find out for yourself.

Amazon updates Echo Buds to fix overheating issue