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Anker charging accessories are up to 42 percent off on Amazon

The deals cover wall chargers, power banks and charging cables.


If your charging gear is in need of a refresh, now might be a decent time to upgrade, as Anker has once again discounted a range of wall chargers, cables and power banks on Amazon. For more heavy-duty needs, a number of the company's portable power stations are also on sale.

This deal is within a dollar of the lowest price we've seen for this recommended 65W wall charger, and comes as part of a wider range of discounts on Anker charging accessories.
$38 at Amazon

Among the noteworthy deals here, the Anker 735 Charger is down to $38.41, which is within a dollar of its all-time low. We've seen this discount a few times before, but normally, the wall charger retails closer to $50. This is a slightly older version of the "best 65-watt charger" pick in our guide to the best fast chargers. The newer device is also called the 735 Charger, confusingly, and features smarter temperature monitoring and power distribution, but the old model delivers the same 65W of power in a similarly travel-friendly frame. Generally speaking, that's enough power to charge many smartphones and tablets around full speed and refill some smaller laptops.

Both of the charger's USB-C ports can reach that max charging rate, plus there's a USB-A port for topping up lower-power devices. Just note that the each port will output less power if you use multiple ports at once. The updated model is also on sale for $48 with an on-page coupon.

A couple of hybrid chargers are discounted as well, with the 45W, 5,000 mAh Anker 521 Power Bank down to $42 and the 65W, 10,000 mAh Anker 733 Power Bank down to $70. (Clip the on-page coupon in both cases to see the discount.) These devices are on the larger side, but they can serve as both a portable power bank and a wall charger with fold-up plugs. The 733's discount matches the lowest price we've seen, while the 521 is about $18 below its usual street price.

Beyond that, the company's six-foot PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning cable is down to a low of $9, while the ultracompact 20W Anker 511 Charger is within a dollar of its best price $12. Anker runs these kind of discounts fairly often, but we've found their charging gear to provide good value in several buying guides, so this is a good chance to save.

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