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Anker charging accessories are up to 48 percent off in Amazon sale

Buy the 24,000mAh 737 Power Bank for just $100.


Anker's charging accessories are of higher quality than most third-party products, but they also tend to be more costly. Now, you can now grab a number of Anker chargers, cables and more at Amazon with discounts up to 48 percent. Some of the more interesting deals include the 24,000 mAh capacity 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K) priced at $100 (33 percent off), the 47W Nano 3 charger at $30 (25 percent off), the 20,000mAh PowerCore Essential 20K PD battery charger for $48 (20 percent off) and MFi certified USB-C to Lightning cables at a 39 percent discount.

This portable charger is 20 percent off and down to a record low as part of Anker's latest sale on Amazon.
$48 at Amazon

The Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K) offers a lot of battery power for $100. With 24,000mAh of capacity and 140W of output, it can juice up an iPhone 14 almost 5 times or a 2021 iPad Pro 12.9" 1.3 times. At the same time, it comes with a digital display that shows the output and input power and estimated time for the portable charger to fully recharge. And you can connect multiple devices at once, as it has a pair of USB-C ports along with a USB-A input.

If you don't need that much power, Anker's 525 Power Bank (PowerCore Essential 20K PD) comes with 20,000mAh of capacity and 20W of output, enough to get an iPhone 12 to 50 percent in just a half hour. Plus, it has a second 18W port for another device. In terms of capacity, you can charge an iPhone 13 up to five times and an iPad Mini 2.5 times.

If it's a small but powerful charger you need, Anker's compact 47W 523 Nano 3 smartphone/tablet charger is on sale for $30 (25 percent off), giving you a quick charger at an excellent price. And if you need a new cable to connect your iPhone, the company's 6-foot Powerline+ MFi certified charging cord is available at just $20 in a two-pack, netting you 39 percent in savings. A number of other products are on sale too, so check them all out here.

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