Apple Boot Camp update finally adds better trackpad support for Windows

The latest update adds Windows Precision Touchpad drivers.


Apple has added support for Windows Precision Touchpad drivers to its latest version of Boot Camp, addressing a big issue with Windows 10 Mac installations, The Verge has reported. It appears to be a big improvement over Mac Precision and third-party drivers, according to some Reddit users. However, it only supports Mac laptop and desktop models with a T2 security chip released on or after 2018.

Macs have famously had better trackpads than Windows laptops, with complaints about the latter constantly popping up in past reviews. With Windows 8.1, however, Microsoft worked with Intel to address the issue by launching the Windows Precision Touchpad drivers and it's far less of an issue with modern Windows laptops.

That was way back in 2013, and Apple had yet to implement the drivers in Boot Camp until it finally did so yesterday with the 6.1.15 update. Until now, Boot Camp users have relied on various third-party drivers like the Mac precision touchpad drivers from Github.

With Apple's plan to fully switch to M1 chips within two years, the Boot Camp update will be welcome news for Intel Mac users. Boot Camp only works on Intel Macs, but given how well the M1 can emulate Intel Mac apps and even Windows on ARM, it seems like it's at least technically feasible.

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