CNBC: Apple, Hyundai deal to build an autonomous Apple Car is 'close'

Rumors suggest a Hyundai/Kia-built 'Apple Car' could roll out of a Georgia plant by 2024.

ablokhin via Getty Images

After weeks of rumors about a possible tie-up between Apple and Hyundai to build a car, CNBC is reporting that people close to the companies say a finalized deal is “close.” While they’re not going all-in to say the deal will definitely happen, the report indicates that a full-autonomous car could be built at the Kia plant in Georgia by 2024 or so.

A Korean paper recently reported the two may sign a deal on February 17th, with plans to build an electric car as soon as 2024. According to CNBC, the appeal of Hyundai is using an established automaker to provide an electric vehicle platform built in North America while Apple controls the hardware and software in the car, as developed by its “Project Titan” effort.