Apple launches its in-store trade-in program for Macs

Bring in your old hardware for store credit.

·1 min read
Dana Wollman/Engadget

You’ve been able to trade in your iPhone at the Apple Store for a long time, but you couldn’t haul in your iMac to get a better deal on the latest model -- you’d have to go through an online process and mail in your old hardware, then wait for its value to be credited to your account. The company has expanded its in-store reuse and recycling program, though, which should make it a bit faster and easier to upgrade. Bloomberg reported the change last week, and Apple has since updated its website accordingly. The company says that used Macs in good condition will go to new owners, and that ones in unsellable condition will be recycled.

With that convenience comes a price, though. Like other retailers that offer trade-in programs, the company puts a relatively low value on used hardware. The latest MacBook Air in good condition can bring in $690 at the most, which is probably less than what you could get selling it online. That price is better than Best Buy’s though, which is $495. So if you just want to get in, get your new Mac at a lower price and get out -- and avoid dealing with strangers on Craigslist -- this could be a reasonable way to go.