Apple updates Schoolwork app to help teachers manage classrooms from afar

Schoolwork 2.0 has new features for remote classrooms.


Apple has updated its collaborative education app with new features that will make it easier for students and teachers to participate in classroom activities remotely. The company’s Schoolwork app has been given a significant makeover with updates that make it easier for teachers to manage assignments from afar.

The app’s navigation has been redesigned so teachers can quickly tab through all their handouts for each class, and quickly access drafts and favorites. On the student side, the app will also show which assignments are due across each of their classes.

The Schoolwork app shows teachers how far students are in their assignments.

Teachers can also now tap into individual assignments and view each student’s progress and how much time they are spending on the work, compared with the rest of the class. While these changes would be helpful even in the normal classroom setting, it could provide teachers valuable insight as students are working remotely. If one student is taking significantly longer to finish an assignment, or finishing much more quickly than the rest of the class, that could let the teacher know they need extra help, for example. Teachers will also now have the ability to message or FaceTime students via the Schoolwork app in case they need more one-on-one attention.

Apple first released its Schoolwork app in 2018, alongside a new iPad geared toward schools. But with so many schools now adapting to remote work, the latest changes could help accelerate adoption of the company’s teaching tools. The company has also launched a new “learning from home” section of its website, with resources to help educators create remote-friendly lessons.