'Borderlands 3' rewards you for aiding human gut research

The 'Borderlands Science' mini-game promises to advance medicine.

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'Borderlands Science'
Gearbox Software

You might just nudge scientific progress forward the next time you play Borderlands 3. Gearbox has introduced a Borderlands Science mini-game that will help scientists map the human gut’s microbiome in return for rewards. It may look like a simple block puzzle, but you’re really helping to map and compare sequenced DNA. You’re effectively helping to correct computer analyses.

Each puzzle has a target score. Completing them will earn in-game currency you can redeem for everything from cosmetics through to limited-time boosters for your stats and experience. And don’t worry if you can’t line up all the tiles — the data isn’t meant to be perfect.

You can find the Borderlands Science arcade cabinet aboard Sanctuary III. While you probably won’t buy Borderlands 3 just for the sake of this project, this might give you a good reason to keep playing. The gut microbiome has been linked to conditions ranging from diabetes to depression — spending some time with the mini-game might just lead to an important treatment.

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