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Former Formula E team lead announces new electric car racing series

The Ace Championship could soon develop talent for Formula E.

A modified Formula E Gen2 car with glowing accents in yellow, blue and green is seen on a street at dusk with the orange glow of the setting sun providing a warm setting.
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Igor Bonifacic
Igor Bonifacic|@igorbonifacic|February 11, 2023 6:40 PM

A new racing series could one day make it easier for young drivers to take part in Formula E competition. At this weekend’s Hyderabad E-Prix, former Mahindra Racing team lead Dilbagh Gill announced the launch of the Ace Championship. Gill is positioning the series as “a feeder platform for drivers and engineering talent to move into other racing series.”

When the series begins next year, the Ace Championship will consist of two levels of competition. Teams will use a single pair of cars for both Challenger and Championship tiers. At the higher level, the vehicles will output more power. As a result, participating teams won’t need to field four cars to compete.

According to The Race, the Ace Championship plans to use Formula E’s outgoing Gen2 chassis to build new designs, a move that would likely further reduce entry costs for potential participants. The series recently tested a modified Gen2 car in Barcelona. It showed off the same vehicle at the Hyderabad race track with former Mahindra driver Nick Heidfeld behind the wheel. Ace Championship organizers told The Race there’s already been “significant interest” from existing racing teams to join the circuit – though no organization has announced its participation just yet.

Former Formula E team lead announces new electric car racing series