'Fuser' wants you to DJ for a 24/7 live music festival

When you play matters as much as what you play.


Harmonix just gave you a good reason to up your Fuser DJ skills: you might just play in front of a big crowd. The developer is releasing a Headliner Spotlight update today (May 25th) that gives you the chance to DJ the Diamond Stage, a 24/7 live venue where over 250 people can watch you spin both in-game and on Twitch. The challenge isn't so much nailing your mix (though that's clearly important) so much as obtaining a coveted primetime slot, and Harmonix has made a few changes to the in-game economy to make that work.

You can reserve stage slots by earning Diamonds through in-game play, whether it's the solo story, freestyle or multiplayer. You can use them to outfit your character and unlock more tracks, too. Harmonix stressed that you can't buy Diamonds with real money. You shouldn't see the primetime spots filled with wealthy but talentless players, to put it another way.

The update also upgrades DJ profiles, improves the recommendation engine for mixes and fully integrates Twitch Drops into the game for everyone, including Switch players.

The Fuser upgrade is free for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One players, and newcomers can buy the standard game at a newly lowered $40 price. There's no telling if this will jumpstart the game's audience, but it's easy to see the appeal of playing for a real crowd — even if it's just to pad your ego.