Get a Lenovo Smart Clock for $40 at Best Buy

It’s very good at being a clock.
Jen Diaz
J. Diaz|06.14.20

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Lenovo Smart Clock on a nightstand
Nicole Lee / Engadget
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Remember when you could check the time in the middle of the night without grabbing your phone and getting sucked into a vortex of work email and Twitter notifications? Lenovo has a good solution: the company’s Smart Clock is now $40 at Best Buy, a $20 savings off its usual sale price and half the $80 price tag it carried at release. 

Buy Lenovo Smart Clock at Best Buy - $40

We gave the Lenovo Smart Clock a score of 87 for wrapping Google Assistant and smart home controls in a stylish alarm clock. The “sunrise alarm” brightens the screen gently for thirty minutes before the alarm goes off to stir you awake gently. You can turn off your alarm by sleepily groaning “Stop” or by hitting the top of the clock. That’s pretty typical of this device; you have the choice of using either voice commands or the 4-inch touchscreen to accomplish most anything you want to do. 

The Lenovo Smart Clock gives you the right amount of “smartness” for your bedside table. This device covers your essential bedroom routines, like playing Spotify while you’re getting dressed and finding out what’s on your agenda for the day. If you want to fall asleep to YouTube or make video calls from bed, you likely already have a device better suited to the task. This is a clock that remembers that it’s supposed to be a clock.

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