'Ghost of Tsushima' update adds ultra-difficult 'Lethal' mode

There are also some new accessibility features in the update.

Sucker Punch / Sony

If you’ve already plowed through Ghost of Tsushima and found it wasn’t enough of a challenge for you, developer Sucker Punch is releasing an update today that’ll add a new “Lethal” difficulty mode. As the name suggests, Lethal mode steps things up significantly over the “hard” level that was previously the most challenging option. Specifically, Sucker Punch says that enemy weapons are more deadly — but the flip side is that main character Jin’s katana is also more powerful to match. You won’t be a tank that can absorb unreasonable amounts of damage, but at least your enemies won’t either.

Additionally, enemies will be more aggressive and can detect you quicker, as well. The “parry” and “dodge” windows are smaller now, which means you’ll need to be more precise to pull those moves off successfully.

Fortunately, this update also has some new accessibility features that make some specific parts of combat a bit more forgiving. Sucker Punch says that “lower intensity mode” maintains “the heart and feel of Ghost of Tsushima combat while relaxing several timing-specific elements.”

What does that mean in practice? Well, some previously-unblockable attacks can now be blocked, though others will still require you to dodge. Stealth is also easier to maintain without being spotted, as enemy “awareness” will build slower, which allows you more time to hide again. Enemies also break up their combos sooner when they’re attacking, giving you a moment to heal or get your bearings. They also won’t attack while you’re healing.

Finally, a few other new accessibility features include the option to increase text size for subtitles, mission objectives and prompts. You can also turn off the speakers name in subtitles, and there are a few color options for subtitle text as well. While these new options don’t quite match the depth and breadth of what Naughty Dog did in The Last of Us Part II, anything that makes the game more playable for more people is welcome.