Gmail's updated workplace design rolls out on Android and the web

It will bring integrated Docs, Chat, Rooms and Meet to Gmail.

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Mariella Moon
August 13, 2020 7:35 AM
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Back in July, Gmail users on Android started seeing a new tab at the bottom of the interface that gives them quick access to Meet video meetings. That tab bar could soon look a bit more crowded for G Suite users, now that the tech giant has started rolling out the workspace redesign it revealed back in July. The new design turns Gmail into a full-blown workplace collaboration suite with Chat, Docs, Rooms and Meet integration.

Users will get access to Google Chat and the company’s Slack-like group chat solution Rooms, aside from Meet, from within Gmail when they get the updated interface. They can simply switch tabs to go to the service they want to use. In addition, the workplace-oriented Gmail will allow them to open and co-edit documents without having to leave the application.

Google has also introduce new productivity tools and features for Gmail, such as the ability to assign group tasks, the option to be notified about task updates in Rooms and the ability to pin important Rooms for those who have more than one. Users will also be able to set status notices such as “Out of office” in Chat, see files shared in a Room and toggle between between email and Chat results on the web.

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The rollout, however, is only happening for G Suite users on Android and the web. Google doesn’t have concrete information for the new interface’s iOS release yet and has only asked people to follow the G Suite Updates blog.

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Gmail's updated workplace design rolls out on Android and the web