Google’s latest experimental app lets influencers host paid online events

It's available now in the US and Canada.

Area 120 / Google

Area 120, Google’s internal startup incubator, wants to give YouTubers and other influencers a platform to host paid online events. Fundo, its new app, allows those individuals to set up internet meet and greets and workshops with their fans. It gives hosts full control over how much it costs to attend an event, allowing them to offer free tickets if they so choose.

The software takes care of most of the logistics — including ticketing and livestreaming — so those influencers don’t have to use multiple apps just to get their fans on the same video call. One of its main safety features is that only those who have bought a ticket to a get together can attend.

Fundo workshop
Area 120 / Google

As a regular user, you also won’t need to download any other apps outside of Fundo to take part in an experience. You can find Fundo events either through links people share or the app’s homepage. Besides YouTubers, Area 120 says it has also seen authors, fitness instructors and lifestyle consultants take advantage of the app.

While Fundo might seem like a response to the coronavirus pandemic, Area 120’s work on the software actually predates the current situation by a couple of years. Part of the inspiration for the project came from Fundo’s creators attending VidCon in 2018 and seeing YouTubers and other content creators interact with their fans.

Fundo is currently available in the US and Canada, with availability in more countries coming soon.