Google's updated WiFi router starts at $99, or $199 for a 3-pack

A three-pack will set you back $199.


Just because Google released a Nest WiFi router last year doesn’t mean it’s retiring the one it launched back in 2016. In fact, the tech giant has given the original Google WiFi router a refresh and a new price point for those looking to boost their home coverage. The new Google WiFi router is now available on the company’s store with prices starting at $99 for a single device and $199 for a three-pack. If you’ll recall, the router’s launch prices were $129 for a single device and $299 for three.

Like the original model, a single router can cover up to 1,500 square feet while a three-pack can cover 4,500. The new model still looks like a white puck like its predecessor did, but its G logo is now engraved. It also comes with a 15W barrel jack plug — similar to the Nest speakers’ — instead of a USB-C port, and almost half the weight of its plastic parts is made of recycled material.

In addition to those hardware changes, Google is rolling out updates for both this WiFi router and Nest’s in order to give them the capability of handling heavier loads now that more people are working or studying from home. The tech giant is reducing network delays and improving network connection to help avoid congestion when multiple devices are online and even if the internet connection itself is slow. Plus, a new device notification setting can alert users in the Google Home app if a new device joins their network.

For those looking for routers that have bigger a range, the Nest WiFi router is most likely a better fit. The dedicated Router has a range of around 2,200 square feet, while the Point mesh repeater adds 1,600 square feet. They cost a bit more than the new Google WiFi devices, though, with the Router itself costing $169 and a pack with a single Point costing $269.