Google brings speed, deep dive and vertical video updates to search results

It should be easier to explore topics in more detail.

·2 min read

Google is shaking up Search in terms of both entering queries and how results are displayed, and you can expect to see the changes in the wild in the coming months. For instance, you may soon find it easier to get answers to questions before you finish writing them. When you start typing into the search box, Google will display badges with autocomplete suggestions, as well as related themes and categories. The goal, as ever, is to help you get to relevant results faster.

When it comes to search results, expect Google to place greater onus on videos, including more vertical clips. According to Google, this is in service of diversifying the types of content formats that users see in results. It builds on an approach centered around browsable, visual-first results and endless scrolling on mobile (where vertical videos thrive). You'll see related topics as you scroll too. When you look up a city, you might see photos of landmarks, directions to get there, the current weather and tips for travelers. In addition, the search results may include videos from creators who have visited the city.

It could be easier for you to go down the rabbit hole on something you're interested in too. Google detailed some "drill down" features that are based on a deep understanding of how people search. You'll be able to add and remove related topics to see more detail or focus on the things you care about. You may discover things you weren't aware of. Google used Oaxaca's beaches and musical traditions as examples. That could help you find inspiration for planning trips, for instance.

This seems like an evolution of related searches. It's described as a streamlined and unified approach to helping folks explore topics by organizing results in a more logical way. Ultimately, it's all about simplifying Search and getting you the information you need (or didn't know you need) more quickly.