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Google's Pixel Buds Pro are on sale for $130 right now

You can access the deal on one of our favorite wireless earbuds with a checkout code.

Engadget/Billy Steele

The Google Pixel Buds Pro are one of our favorite wireless earbuds on the market, but they don't come cheap. However, they're currently down to $130 from $200 — the best deal we've seen all year. You can access the discount on Wellbots with the checkout code ENGPIX70.

They're on sale thanks to the discount code ENGPIX70.

$130 at Wellbots

The Google Pixel Buds Pro came out in the summer of 2022, but they're still one of the best earbuds on the market. We gave them an 87 in our review thanks to features like their excellent active noise cancellation (ANC) and a powerful, punchy bass. You can use ANC and transparency mode or turn both off completely. That bass is part of an overall impressive sound quality that extends across musical genres. Plus, they last about 11 hours without ANC or seven hours with it and their case offers wireless charging.

The earbuds are also a great option if you have an Android phone. They allow you to switch easily between paired devices, use Google Assistant without touching any buttons and access a "conversation detection" mode that turns off ANC and your music if you start talking. All of these functions work natively on Google's Pixel phones but are available on other Android devices with the Pixel Buds app.

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