Ikea and Sonos' next 'Symfonisk' could be a picture frame speaker

A listing went up on Ikea's website showing the unannounced product.

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Back in April, a new FCC filing hinted at the development of an intriguing new addition to the IKEA-Sonos Symfonisk lineup: A hidden speaker that can double as an art piece. Now, The Verge has spotted a listing for an unannounced Symfonisk "picture frame with WiFi speaker" on IKEA's website. While the page is no longer available, it showed a product in black or white that's priced at $199 and was designed to blend in with your home decor like the other products in the line.

According to its description, you can hang it on its own, place it on the floor or lean it against a wall. While it's called a "picture frame," it doesn't sound like you can use it to display physical or digital images. It has "interchangeable fronts" that fit the frame, though, so you can presumably find one that fits your style. The speaker comes with Airplay 2 support, giving you a way to play media directly from iPhones, iPads and Macs. It's also compatible with Spotify Connect, can be grouped with two or more Symfonisk speakers and can be controlled by the Sonos app.

The companies have yet to announce when the WiFi-connected picture frame speaker will be available, but the fact that the listing was posted means it could be out soon. If you're looking forward to getting one, you may want to clear a space on your wall that would fit something that's 22 inches high, 16 inches wide and 2 inches deep.

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