Engadget readers get $200 off Roomba's i7+ vacuum at Wellbots

That's a new all-time low on this high-end robot vacuum with a Clean Base.

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Engadget readers get $200 off Roomba's i7+ vacuum at Wellbots
Devindra Hardawar / Engadget
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Update 11/29/2020 9:40am ET: You can now get the same $599 sale price on the Roomba i7+ at Amazon and Best Buy. It’s now also possible to get the sale price at Wellbots without a specific coupon code.

Roomba’s i7 series has some of the most advanced robo-vacs you can get, but they come at high prices. But for Black Friday, Engadget readers can save $200 on both of the robot vacuums in the line. The Roomba i7+ drops to $599 and the Roomba i7 falls to $399 when you use the code ENGADGET200 at checkout. We’ve seen these vacuums drop to $699 and $499, respectively, but this is deal represents the best prices for both that we’ve seen. Since these remain expensive gadgets, you’ll qualify for free shipping at Wellbots and the company offers no sales tax outside New York.

Buy Roomba i7+ at Wellbots - $599 Buy Roomba i7 at Wellbots - $399

We tested the i7+ when it came out and gave it a score of 87. This model has some bells and whistles that aren’t standard in other Roombas, the biggest one being the included Clean Base. That’s just iRobot’s name for the garbage-like attachment that sits on the home base of the i7+, and into which the vacuum empties its bin after each cleaning. That means you don’t have to manually empty the bin each time, but that also means you’ll have to spring for the proprietary bags that the Clean Base takes. But if you’re all-right with that, the i7+ can save you some time by only requiring you to empty the Clean Base once every 30 or so jobs.

Engadget’s Devindra Hardawar found himself using the i7+ much more often than other robot vacuums, That was due in part to the machine being quieter than other robot vacuums, and it also did a better job of untangling itself from rogue wires or cables strewn in its cleaning path. It’s also quite a powerful vacuum that does a good job cleaning both carpet and hardwood floors, and iRobot’s mapping technology is even better on this model than it has been in previous devices.

Whether you go for the i7+ or the standard i7 (which offers all the same features, just sans Clean Base), you’re getting a great robot vacuum at a great sale price. Roombas are generally easy to set up and use as well, so this is a good option even for those who’ve never had a robot vacuum before.

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