Master & Dynamic's MW08 earbuds combine premium materials and hybrid ANC

The company's latest true wireless option goes on sale March 30th for $299

Master & Dynamic is no stranger to true wireless earbuds. The company already has three models under its belt, including the feature-packed MW07 Plus. That most recent release debuted in 2019, so M&D was due to unveil an updated model at any moment. Today the company is doing just that with the MW08. The $299 true wireless earbuds keep a similar overall design as their predecessors, but this time around the company opted for new materials, hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC), ambient sound modes and slightly larger drivers.

On the outside, the main difference between the MW08 and its predecessor are the materials used to make them. While the MW07 Plus has an acetate shell, this new model is ceramic with an aluminum band that houses the antenna around the edge. The end result is a more polished look, and an aesthetic that better fits with Master & Dynamic's headphones — products that typically blend aluminum, leather and other textured materials. The MW08 is also noticeably smaller than the MW07 Plus, and the company nixed the fit wing that came with the previous model.

On-board controls are still here, with a multi-function button on the right earbud for play/pause, skipping tracks, pairing and voice assistant. A volume rocker on the left earbud also activates and disables ambient sound and ANC, depending on which side you hold down. Master & Dynamic added an additional microphone on each earbud for a total of three on each side. The company says this setup offers "superior wind reduction" to keep calls sounding crisp and clear. Of course, nearly every earbud company makes promises about call quality, so this is something I'll have to test the merits of during our review.

The included charging case is still shiny stainless steel (color varies with some earbud color options), but instead of opening like a tin of Altoids, the hinge is now on the top edge. This means the case stands up on its short side rather than laying flat. To accommodate the new opening, the USB-C jack was relocated to the right side.

Master & Dynamic's latest true wireless earbuds have a familiar design with new materials, larger drivers and more robust active noise cancellation.
Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic covered the basics when it came to ANC on the MW07 Plus, but that feature is much more robust on the MW08. These new earbuds offer hybrid active noise cancellation with two modes: ANC Max and All Day ANC. The MW08 also offers two ambient sound modes, Voice and Awareness, so you have an alternate option should your surroundings require it. The company also opted for slightly larger 11mm Beryllium drivers to power its "signature sound" in the new model — compared to the 10mm units in the MW07 Plus. Before now, Master & Dynamic hasn't offered a companion app for its earbuds. With the MW08, the company will debut M&D Connect: mobile software that displays battery levels in addition to allowing you to choose ANC and ambient sound modes and more. Unfortunately, the company says the app isn't compatible with the MW07 Plus.

When it comes to battery life, the MW08 can last up to 12 hours on a charge and there's an additional 30 hours of listening time with the included charging case. There's no wireless charging, so you'll need to reach for a cable to replenish the entire set. A quick-charge feature will give you 50 percent battery life in 15 minutes while a full charge will take 45 minutes. Lastly, if you need to take the MW08 to a workout session, the earbuds are IPX5 rated water resistant. More specifically, these should withstand sweat and moisture, but you'll want to avoid fully submerging them.

The MW08 will be available in black, white, blue and brown on March 30th for $299 — the same price as the MW07 Plus when it launched. That existing model will remain in the product line, and Master & Dynamic will cut the price to $249 when the MW08 starts shipping at the end of the month.