‘Fallout 76’ is headed to Fallout 3’s Pittsburgh in 2022

The Pitt will form part of a new feature dubbed 'Expeditions'

Bethesda / Microsoft

It may not arrive until 2022, but patience will be a virtue for longstanding Fallout 76 players looking to recapture the glory days of Fallout 3. At today’s joint Microsoft/Bethesda press conference, the mega-publisher announced that Fallout: Expeditions will launch. This new game mode will, eventually, see players leave Appalachia and head back to the city formerly known as Pittsburgh. Expeditions: The Pitt, will enable players to visit the raider-controlled city and do their best to survive while dodging the usual hazards. The teaser trailer does little more than invoke that same sense of dread you may have felt when approaching the city the first time, but it's effective nonetheless.