Netflix launches its first interactive daily quiz show on April 1st

'Trivia Quest' melds a story with knowledge

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Netflix 'Trivia Quest' daily quiz show

Netflix's move into interactive shows is extending beyond the occasional single-episode project. The streaming firm is launching its first interactive daily quiz show, Trivia Quest, on April 1st (no, it's not an April Fools gag). The Trivia Crack-inspired series will present 24 multiple-choice questions around topics like art and science while weaving a narrative into the experience. You're meant to help the hero Willy save the people of Trivia Land from a villain bent on hoarding knowledge — contrived, maybe, but it's more than a pure competition.

Trivia Quest doesn't offer any real-world prizes, but you can replay an episode to earn more points and make progress toward a "definitive ending." The title will be available on all devices that support interactive Netflix material, including most modern browsers, mobile devices, smart TVs and streaming hardware.

The company is quick to bill Trivia Quest as an "experiment," and hasn't committed to more shows like it. With that said, it wouldn't be shocking if there were similarly ambitious interactive shows in the future. On top of adding variety, they give you a reason to keep coming back to Netflix where you might turn to other services.

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