The New York Times removes its articles from Apple News

It wants to build direct relationships with its paying readers.

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Articles from The New York Times will no longer appear in the Apple News app. Today, the NYT announced that it is ending its partnership with Apple News. The issue seems to be that while other services, like Google News, send readers to publishers’ websites, Apple News generally keeps readers in the app. Or, as NYT puts it, Apple’s approach does not align with The Times’ goal of building direct relationships with paying readers.

“Core to a healthy model between The Times and the platforms is a direct path for sending those readers back into our environments, where we control the presentation of our report, the relationships with our readers, and the nature of our business rules,” Meredith Kopit Levien, The Times’ chief operating officer, wrote in a memo to employees. “Our relationship with Apple News does not fit within these parameters.”

The Times is one of the first media organizations to leave Apple News, and it was never a part of Apple’s paid subscription service Apple News+, which had a hard time recruiting some of the larger publishers. But the tension between tech companies and news publishers is nothing new.

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In a statement shared by The NYT, an Apple spokesperson said that Apple News is “committed to supporting quality journalism through the proven business models of advertising, subscriptions, and commerce.”

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