Otter's transcription tech now supports Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Webex

It can take and share notes and record meetings for you.


Otter has a solution for that pile-up of virtual meetings in your calendar. The AI transcription tool essentially attends the gathering or conference in your place and jots down what was said. After launching with Zoom support in May, Otter is now expanding to include Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Cisco Webex. According to the company, the update means it will now reach a potential audience of 500 million users.

The setup is the same: Otter Assistant connects to your calendar, allowing you to choose which meetings you want it to join. You can access all of your notes on the web or through's mobile apps. Like Zoom's transcription tool, Otter's assistant is a premium feature, too. It's included in the company's business subscription plans, which start from $20 per month.

Of course, it's more than just a convenient way to skip meetings. You can also use it to take the hassle out of transcribing the video calls you do attend or to take your place when you're running late. The expansion, meanwhile, brings it to most of the major video conferencing platforms — barring Facebook's Workplace and Slack. Maybe one day it will end up transcribing VR meetings, too.

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