Peloton launches its first exercise game for connected bike owners

'Lanebreak' puts you in control of a tire on an obstacle course.


Ring Fit Adventure for the Switch was a reminder that people like gamified workouts. Now, Peloton is jumping in to the arena with its first fitness game titled "Lanebreak." The rhythm-based game is available on the fitness company's stationary bikes and has a simple setup: Players control a rolling tire on a track by pedalling and switching lanes with the resistance knob in the face of multiple obstacles. This being Peloton, the entire game is synchronized to a music soundtrack. It will all look very familiar to anyone who's played procedurally-generated music racer Audiosurf.

Lanebreak is the culmination of months of trials that saw select users playing mini games in two-week pilots. The idea is to export some of the core mechanics of gaming, chiefly rewards and progression, to incentivize Peloton members to exercise more. Music, according to Peloton, acts as the DNA that links its regular exercise classes with its new game in a bid to acclimatize novice players. For now, Lanebreak is still in early access mode with a full launch planned for this winter.

The challenge is that there are plenty of fitness gaming rivals in the wild, though few have the brand recognition to match Peloton. Zwift, for instance, offers an app with multiplayer cycling and running in a virtual world that users can interact with using their personal treadmill or bike trainer. While VR workout software Supernatural transports you to exotic settings for its Beat Saber-style routines.

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