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Porsche is working on a cheaper two-wheel drive Taycan EV

It's meant for China and other markets where four-wheel drive isn't necessary.

Porsche Taycan
Roberto Baldwin / Engadget
Mariella Moon
Mariella Moon|@mariella_moon|April 22, 2020 1:41 AM

Porsche’s Taycan EV will apparently come in four models instead of just three like the luxury automaker originally announced. In an interview with Car Magazine, R&D chief Dr Michael Steiner said an entry-level Taycan will be joining the mid-range 4S, the Turbo and the Turbo S.

It will be a two-wheel drive vehicle for markets that don’t need four-wheel drives — “places like China, where weather conditions mean you don’t need it,” he said. In addition, the vehicle will have a smaller battery to make it as affordable as possible for a Porsche EV. The mid-range 4S, as Autoblog notes, has a 79.2-kWh battery with 252 miles of range.

Unfortunately, Steiner refused to confirm a price for the entry-level Taycan, but it will be cheaper than the $100,000 4S model and definitely cost much less than the $150,000 top-of-the-line variants. Car expects the vehicle to be initially available in China before arriving in the UK in 2021.

Porsche is working on a cheaper two-wheel drive Taycan EV