Porsche's most premium EV will cost over $130,000

The Taycan will come in three variants.

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Mariella Moon
December 28, 2018 9:01 AM

Porsche's Taycan will apparently come in three variants -- and the top-of-the-line model will set you back as much as $130,000. The automaker opened a deposit option program for its first all-electric vehicle, formerly known as Mission E, in mid-2018. After The Drive editor-at-large Alex Roy signed up to place a deposit, a local brand ambassador told him in an email that Porsche will build three models, namely a base Taycan, a four-wheel drive model called the Taycan 4s and its most premium one called the Taycan Turbo.

The term "turbo" is commonly associated with internal combustion engines -- you know, the kind of engines that burn gasoline. It's a curious choice, since Taycan is supposed to be an all-electric car. As Roy noted, though, the automaker uses "Turbo" for its most expensive options, and that's exactly what the Taycan Turbo is for this lineup. At $130,000, it will cost around $40,000 more than the other two models: the base Taycan will apparently be priced in the low $90,000s, while the 4s will have a price tag in the upper $90,000s. That puts their pricing in the same range as Tesla's more expensive Model S and X options, which doesn't come as a surprise since they're supposed to be a direct competitor to those vehicles.

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