Snag 'Quake' for free this weekend in the Bethesda Launcher (updated)

Live it up, 1996-style.

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Bethesda / iD

Like so many events, QuakeCon 2020 is happening entirely online, but whether or not you’re participating, you can get a few treats this weekend. In the Bethesda Launcher you can get a free copy of the original Quake, while The Elder Scrolls Online is having free play weeks across certain platforms. titles from other Bethesda series like Fallout, Wolfenstein and Elder Scrolls are getting discounts on Bethesda’s own store, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam and Stadia over the next few days — check here for details.

Throughout the weekend of QuakeCon, players can log in to the Bethesda Launcher and obtain a free digital copy of the original Quake. You must be logged into the Launcher with your account credentials during QuakeCon weekend to receive the free game. If you’re already logged in, you may need to log out and log back in to see the game show as “owned.”

  • Fallout 76 – Up to 50% off

  • DOOM Eternal – Up to 50% off

  • The Elder Scrolls Online base game – 50% off (from 8/4 through 8/25 on all platforms except PlayStation, which will be from 8/5 through 8/19)

  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor – 35% off

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Crowns – 25-40% off

  • Wolfenstein Alternate History Bundle – 60% off

  • RAGE 2 – 80% off

  • Quake Champions – Log in to Quake Champions on or Steam between August 6 and August 19 to receive the QuakeCon 2020 Railgun and the Quake Champions Pack (permanently unlocks all Champions) for free

The QuakeCon event is also focused on raising money for charities, and if gamers top the $10,000 mark then you’ll also be able to get a free copy of Quake II later. You can watch the QuakeCon stream on Twitch for more updates, as well as info on giveaways and updates on the various tournaments taking place this weekend.

Of course, if you prefer more modern games, Bethesda has announced that Elder Scrolls Online and Doom Eternal will get free next-gen upgrades to their respective console versions. Also, for Doom Eternal the company announced updates on the way like “Invasion, more Master Levels, new playable demons in Battle Mode, competitive ranked modes and the first single-player expansion, The Ancient Gods, Part One.”

Update 8/8 11:55AM ET: Bethesda easily topped the $10,000 mark in donations, so Quake II will be available for free through Bethesda’s launcher.