Rane packs high-end tech into its first single-unit DJ controller

The Rane One includes Serato DJ Pro, motorized platters, vinyl-style mixing and a solid build quality for $1,499.


Rane, a well-known name in DJ hardware, has finally announced its first one-piece DJ controller: the Rane One. This device implements a platter design similar to the company’s more premium Twelve series single-deck controllers. Here, there are two 7.2-inch motorized platters that use slipmats and acrylic discs in honor of vinyl mixing and scratch DJs. It’s no surprise to see that Rane partnered with Serato DJ for its first controller launch either, considering the long-standing relationship between the two companies. The Rane One Professional DJ Controller is available starting today on the company’s website for $1,499. There’s limited stock, but more are on the way if you prefer to think about your purchase for a while.

If you’re looking for a standalone controller with onboard audio capabilities that doesn’t need a computer, this isn’t the DJ controller you’re looking for. However, it does check a lot of boxes on the feature wishlist for many DJs who do use a laptop.

There are two USB inputs making it easy to hand off to the next DJ without interrupting the music flow. You get XLR for both main and booth outputs, with a bonus line/phono main output as well. For DJs that like to connect turntables or other input devices into their setup there are dual line/phono inputs as well, so you can use the controller as a proper mixer.

There are software FX buttons, loop controls and performance pads that tie into Serato’s Scratch Bank, for quick access to scratch samples. The acrylic disc has cue marks and there are complementary marks on the device to assist you in your scratching adventures. There’s also an adjustable torque setting for the faux-vinyl decks to seal the deal.

RANE ONE || Highlights

  • 7.2" Motorized Platters with Quick Release Acrylic Disks

  • Trusted RANE Build Quality and Feel

  • Instant Access Software FX with 2 Metal FX Paddles

  • Ultra-light MAG FOUR Crossfader

  • High/Low-pass Filter & 3 Band EQ

  • Dedicated Loop Controls

  • Independent Multi-Mode Performance Pads Including Serato Scratch Banks

  • Turntable Style Start/Stop

  • XLR Main & Booth Outputs

  • (2) Line/Phono Inputs

  • (2) TRS/XLR Microphone Inputs

  • (2) USB Computer Connections

  • Portable DJ Controller (24lbs / 10kg)

  • Serato DJ Pro Included (paid upgrade to Serato DVS)