Razer enables custom Chroma lighting effects for Opera's gaming browser

Opera GX can now trigger dynamic visual cues on Razer's Chrome devices.


While the Opera GX gaming browser launched with Razer Chroma compatibility last year, the integration was pretty limited: Chroma devices could only match your chosen highlight colors in the browser. Now, the companies have made using Opera GX with Chroma devices a bit more interesting by giving the browser the power to trigger dynamic lighting effects. Chroma devices can now light up with custom animations when you open new tabs, finish a file download and activate the RAM, CPU and network limiters.

You can pick one of the built-in animation themes with different color schemes for a simple setup, but you can also select each individual effect to personalize the visual cues you get for each task you perform. Chroma keyboards will also be able to display GIFs — in other words, mimic their colors through animation — whenever you get Discord, Twitch, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram notifications.

Since non—stop light shows can be quite distracting, though, Opera and Razer assure that the effects only kick in when something happening in the browser triggers them. You’ll also see dimmer versions of the effects when you’re in full-screen mode, so you watch videos or play games in the dark without getting blinded by intense multi-colored light shows.