Opera built a browser just for gamers

Opera GX goes into early access today.

With over a billion PC gamers on the planet, it's about time someone launched a gaming-friendly browser -- and that's exactly what Opera has done. The previously hinted at Opera GX goes into early access availability today, and offers a bunch of features and options that will make PC gaming smoother and more customizable.

Its headline feature is undoubtedly the GX Control panel, which lets you define how much of your computer's CPU or RAM you're willing to let the browser use. Previously, gamers with memory-hungry browsers would have to shut them down in order to maximize their gaming experience, but with Opera GX, they can have both running at the same time.

Opera GX

Additionally, Opera GX has a lot of the features you'd go to the web for built in anyway, such as Twitch (integrated into the sidebar), shortcuts to sites such as Discord and Reddit, and -- like the straightforward Opera browser -- integrated messengers for Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Plus, there's no end of customization options, from a colour picker with 16 million palette possibilities, a huge suite of sound effects, exclusive wallpapers and Razer Chroma integration, so your rig elements can match your chosen highlight colors in the browser. There's also a built-in ad blocker, no-log browser VPN and an accompanying GX Corner, which will host all the latest gaming news and deals.

According to Opera, the browser's development will progress in levels. The initial early access version is designed for hardcore gamers (sign up for access here) who will also have the opportunity to have their say on future iterations -- there are feedback boxes dotted throughout the browser. A final version is planned for launch later this year.

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