Apple Music’s time-synced lyrics arrive on Samsung Smart TVs

You don’t need an Apple TV box to sing along to Apple Music on your TV.

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Apple Music lyrics on Samsung Smart TV

This spring, Samsung made Apple Music available on its smart TVs, becoming the first third-party smart TV platform to do so. Now, Samsung is adding Apple Music’s real-time synced lyrics to its Smart TVs, too.

Beginning today, when customers with a 2018 to 2020 Samsung Smart TV begin playing a song through Apple Music, the real-time lyrics will appear. This feature is available for millions of songs in the Apple Music library. Users can scroll through songs by flipping through the lyrics, jump to a verse or skip to the chorus. Users can also search lyrics in order to find a song they can’t name.

Apple first introduced the real-time lyrics last year, when they arrived on iOS 13. They’re now available on other Apple devices, including Apple TV. In most cases, the lyrics are more useful on a TV than your phone and might transform your TV into a kind of basic karaoke machine.

When Samsung first added Apple Music, we noted that the app had been an incentive to buy an Apple TV. But Apple appears to be focussing more on its services, as hardware becomes less of a guaranteed money-maker. By making Apple Music available in more places, like Samsung’s Smart TVs, it might encourage new users to sign up. As part of today’s announcement, Samsung said its users can try Apple Music free for three months.

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